Iceland in August
~A Tour for Quilters~

Lead by Renowned Icelandic
Quilter Gudrun Erla

Guðrún Erla, the well known designer and owner of GE DESIGNS, is born and raised in Iceland.  She started quilting at a young age and has been addicted to the craft ever since.  After owning and operating quilt stores in her home country, a career move brought the family to Minnesota in 2003.  Since then Guðrún has been designing full time, publishing patterns and books from her home office in Chanhassen, MN, where the family has been located since the move to the US.  Guðrún frequently travels to major quilt shows and visits quilt and fabric stores to teach her popular quilt designs and patterns.   Guðrún conducts workshops on this tour in Reykjavík & Westman Islands .

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Iceland is a magical island, where nature casts a spell on any visitor. You’ll be awestruck by pristine landscapes no matter the season.

Majestic waterfalls are lined up in all parts of the country, lava fields are ever present, from yesterday’s eruption or overgrown by moss. Geysers gush, hot springs bubble and glaciers grind their pathways through the mountains. It is a symphony of the elements in a land still in the making...

You will find that on your tour no time is wasted. You will see and experience all the natural phenomena listed in the above. You will swim in the Blue Lagoon, traverse endless lava fields, admire glaciers and towering mountains, inspect the heating system of the capital, be awed by some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls and see as many bubbling hot springs to last you a lifetime. On your tour – during the midst of summer – you will have the opportunity to watch Iceland ́s spectacular birdlife up close.

A rare opportunity to join a fun group of quilters to visit Iceland, a unique country where the word "pristine" has not lost its meaning. From the colorful City of Reykjavik to impressive waterfalls, boiling hot springs, glaciers and volcanic landscapes, - friendly Iceland offers some incredible sights.

You may experience its pristine nature: Majestic waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, spouting geysers as well as towering mountains & glaciers.Visit spectacular Westman Islands off the south coast, enjoy whale watching from Húsavík in the north, see birdlife off the coast & inland, & get to know the popular Icelandic horse up close and personal. Meet friendly Icelanders on their farms, small towns & in the capital city - Reykjavík.

This is where man has learned to adapt to the quirks of nature and make use of its boundless energy. Icelanders swim in hot pools, grow tomatoes in greenhouses, heat their houses with thermal waters and produce energy by the power from waterfalls... come experience it... all!