Ready for the ultimate New Year’s with experience? We offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Iceland. Based at a 4-star hotel in colorful Reykjavík, you’ll be awed by its pristine nature. You’ll see hot springs, geysers, waterfalls; visit the inside of a glacier and hunt for the northern lights.

You’ll also enjoy Reykjavik’s colorful nightlife, – and feast on Icelandic lobster and lamb. Meet the Icelandic horse up close and personal, splash in the world famous Blue Lagoon and celebrate the end of 2016 at a Gala Dinner and with bonfires the Icelandic way.

This is the one for your bucket list!

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Iceland is a magical island, where nature casts a spell on any visitor. You’ll be awestruck by pristine landscapes no matter the season.

Majestic waterfalls are lined up in all parts of the country, lava fields are ever present, from yesterday’s eruption or overgrown by moss. Geysers gush, hot springs bubble and glaciers grind their pathways through the mountains. It is a symphony of the elements in a land still in the making...

This tour is designed so that you may experience its pristine nature: Majestic waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, spouting geysers as well as towering mountains & glaciers.Visit spectacular Westman Islands off the south coast, enjoy whale watching from Húsavík in the north, see birdlife off the coast & inland, & get to know the popular Icelandic horse up close and personal. Meet friendly Icelanders on their farms, small towns & in the capital city - Reykjavík.

This is where man has learned to adapt to the quirks of nature and make use of its boundless energy. Icelanders swim in hot pools, grow tomatoes in greenhouses, heat their houses with thermal waters and produce energy by the power from waterfalls... come experience it... all!